simonthescribe photoHi, I’m simonthescribe – a ‘free scribe’. I love making things. I make books, art, music, all sorts of things about living a life in tune with our beautiful planet, in tune with nature. I am an ethical person who lives in Cornwall UK. For the past 20 years or more I have applied the following values to my life:

  • Do no harm. I try my best to walk lightly on the earth and offer as little damage as I can to man, beast or nature. I try my best to be kind.
  • Money. I refuse to earn enough money to pay taxes and keep as little as possible in the bank.
  • Energy. I limit my use of fossil fuels and am extremely energy conscious. I don’t drive or own a car.
  • Work. I only accept work or paid employment that is online or within walking distance of my home.
  • Food. I grow and forage as much food as I can. I shop ethically and locally if I can.

Our culture in the Western World has simply gone wrong, and people are wanting change. I have been writing and creating about ‘the change’ for more than twenty years and now it is here. People are rising up.

This website is here to feed your new choices in a changed world. There are many free things on this website so please enjoy them and respect that they have taken me many hours to make for you. This website is here to help us all:

  • find a healthy relationship with nature
  • uncouple ourselves from planet-eating consumerism
  • recognise abundance
  • treasure and enjoy our lives and that of other beings
  • discover joy  in every moment we can
  • invest in honesty