Control Systems: Government

3i. Government

Of course the government itself is one of the main control systems, bringing in legislation and laws that are punitive to the sorts of behaviour they don’t want.

Take for example the ridiculous legislation insisting that single mothers go out to work so that they can afford to pay for a child minder to look after their young. This unnatural and dehumanising process of separation is purely for the economic figures. It shows two people to be economically active where there were none; the mother in her poorly paid, part-time job and the carer she can’t afford. The human ‘cost’ of this separation between mother and child doesn’t even enter the equation.

The punitive effects of the Child Support Agency putting non-compliant parents out of their jobs with an ‘attachment to earnings’ is another example of legislation as social control and one I have experienced personally. I wasn’t left with enough income to even go to work!

Woe betide you if you step outside the norms. The laws they create pick on the weak and the un-represented. The single mothers, the absent fathers, the ‘extra bedroom’ tax, the unemployed, the sick, the foreign migrants driven from their homes by corporately sponsored bombs. Legislation works hand-in-hand with media to first demonise, then tax minority groups making their lives even harder.

The situation gets even worse when the government make poorly contrived laws and then hand them on to private companies such as the infamous ATOS Work Capability Assessment in the UK.

Linda Wooton, a 49 year old woman had undergone a double lung and heart transplant and was on 10 medications a day. Even though she was weak and suffering blackouts she was still put through the Work Capability Assessment. She received confirmation that she was fit for work as she lay in her hospital bed and died just nine days later.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information act, Iain Duncan Smith has been forced to release figures showing how many people declared fit for work by his department dropped dead.

More than 4,000 people died within six weeks of being found “fit for work”, the Department for Work and Pensions has admitted. The figures cover the period between December 2011 to February 2014. All were told they should find a job following a “Work Capability Assessment”. Of the total, 1,360 died after losing an appeal against the decision. Apparently 80 people a week are dying after being assessed as fit for work. Now we know why Mr Duncan Smith and the Government were so reluctant to release these figures.

The absolute hypocrisy of politicians regarding this is unbelievable. Expenses scandals, second homes paid for by the taxpayers, cash for questions – all sorts of scams inhabit the world of our separated and privileged politicians. Take for example the bedroom tax – a tax made in the UK reducing benefit for people claiming out of work benefits who have more bedrooms than people in their house – and Jacob Rees Mogg, the Tory MP for North East Somerset. He voted for this tax on the poor whilst around the same time his wife’s ancestral home received a £7.6 million ‘state rescue’.

The very high number of MP’s who have investments in private health care run contrary to the interests of a wel-functioning health service.

The annual survey of public perceptions of Parliament commissioned by the Hansard Society – an independent charity that champions parliamentary democracy around the world. Over the last ten years or so it has charted the decline of Parliament’s standing with the British public in forensic detail, through surveys of public opinion and through dispassionate analysis. It leaves little to doubt. people think MP’s are in it for themselves, cannot be trusted and do not understand ordinary people. Belief that our parliamentary system is ‘fit for purpose’ has fallen, so that only a quarter of people in Britain think it works well or only needs minor improvements.”

Caroline Lucas

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