Government is Honest?

2d. Government is Honest?

As an anarchist I am non-party political. As Lierre Keith of Deep Green Resistance says: “The task of an activist is not to navigate systems of oppressive power with as much personal integrity as possible, it is to dismantle these systems.” But there is one member of UK parliament for whom I have a great deal of respect, Caroline Lucas, the MP for the Green Party.

Her book, ‘Honourable Friends, Parliament and the Fight for Change’ is a complete eye-opener to the manipulations and machinations of Parliament in the UK. One of the few people since Guy Fawkes to enter Parliament with honest intentions, Caroline Lucas is on the forefront of bringing ideas about desperately needed reform to Parliament. As events since her book was published have revealed, that particular branch swings ever more frustratingly out of reach as corporate control is now at the heart of our supposedly democratic government. Government as we have it is un-reformable. It is my opinion that our sovereignty as a nation has already been sold.

Sovereignty is about how we as individuals, communities and as nations govern ourselves, what we retain as our essential rights; and where we pool sovereignty so that we can, working together, be stronger than our individual parts… the fundamental problem with Parliament is that those within it believe they are sovereign; they are the ultimate source of power and authority; and they are then tempted to misuse it, selling it to sectional interests, lobbyists, big business and the rest.

Caroline Lucas

The threat of terrorism has been used to remove many of our fundamental rights as citizens.

In the last few years, we have lost the right to silence; the right to be tried in open court, not behind closed doors; the right to see the evidence being used against you and to cross-examine witnesses; and even the oldest of them all, habeus corpus, has been compromised. Under the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act you can be confined to your own house, your visitors controlled and your phone calls restricted…it is exactly this slow, drip-by-drip erosion of our liberties that is so dangerous.”

Caroline Lucas

Law after law is passed that undermine essential freedoms in favour of corporate control, hidden under the guise of ‘preventing terrorism’ or ‘harmonisation’. Donnachadh McCarthy, author of ‘The Prostitute State: How Britain’s Democracy Has Been Bought’ summarises the effects some of those underway:

  • Turning Britain into an even greater immoral thieving tax-haven than we already are. They would give away billions to the rich 1% owned corporations by abolishing Corporation Tax. This will be funded by further massive slashing of public services and the placing all of remaining tax burden on employees. This would be a disaster for all working people across Europe, as it would force their governments to do the same or face loss of all their corporations HQs to the UK
  • they are abolishing what remains of social housing in the UK
  • they are seeking to abolish whole swathes of environmental health protections
  • they are ensuring fossil fuel and nuclear corporations get massive help from taxpayers
  • they want to abolish totally the NHS and have a 100% privatised NHS
  • they want to slash help for the poor in the UK and slash international development aid for the poorest in the world
  • they want “free trade” treaties that abolish the right of the UKs elected government to implement any future environmental regulations and make illegal for the elected UK government to implement any nationalisations of key industries like health or railways or post-office
  • they want to abolish all our international human rights treaty protections
  • they want to destroy what remains of the trade unions and workers rights.
  • they want to slash the number of elected MPs, whilst they are packing the House of Lords with hundreds of more right wing corporate donors.
  • they are attacking the right to vote by bringing in new requirements for US style voter ID laws and more difficult voter registration laws that mean hundreds of thousands of poorer voters are falling off the voter rolls.
  • they are facilitating Murdoch’s disastrous fascist monopoly on our prostituted media by letting him take over all of Sky, potentially turning it into another Fox News, which would take a ball and chain to what remains of our battered prostituted democracy and he has also taken over another chain of UK radio stations, the TalkSport chain.

The threat of terrorism has already been used extensively for social over-control. Now a mass-global pandemic has been used as a cover to remove pretty much the rest of our rights as individuals and social groups. Although we are told this is a ‘temporary’ situation, I’m not going to hold my breath!

Parliament Must Die contains quotes from: A. Greenburg, M.D._Abraham Maslow_Albert Einstein _Alnoor Ladha_Andrew Gwynne _Anneke Lucas_Arthur Koestler _Arundhati Roy_Asgeir Jonsson _Barbara Max Paul Hubbard_Bertrand Russell _Bill Mollison _Buckminster Fuller_Calcida Jethá _Caroline Lucas_Charles the Great_Chief Arvol Looking Horse _Christopher Ryan_Copernicus_Daniel Christian Wahl_Daniel Pinchbeck_Darwin_David Edwards_David Holmgren _David Icke_Dieter Duhm_Donald Worster_Donnachadh McCarthy_Doreen Massey_Doris Lessing_Dr A Bartlett Giamatti _Dr Claire Wordley_Dr Jay Cullen_Dr Kathy Sykes _Dresden James_E C Lindeman_Eckhart Tolle_Edgar Cayce _Edward Snowden _Ethan C Roland _Ewen MacAskill_Galileo_Galtang and Ruge _George Monbiot_Gerald Heard _God in Genesis_Greta Thunberg_Gudrun Johnsen _Guido Dalla Casa _Gustave Le Bon_Guy Fawkes _Henry Cloud _Henryk Skolomowski_Isaac Cordal _J Eliot_Jack D Forbes_Jack Forbes_James Gordon M.D._James Lovelock _Jeremy Lent_Jeremy Rifkin_John Cleese _John Hammell_John Hilary_John Trudell_Jon Stone_Jonathan Bartley_Julian Assange_Karl Marx _Karlos Kukuburra_Ken Ward _Lee Williams _Leonard Higgins_Lierre Keith _Lord Strasburger_M Knowles_Maddy Harland _Marianne Williamson_Mark Boyle_Martin Kirk_Martin Winiecki_Masanobu Fukuoka _Matthieu Ricard_Mogens Herman Hansen _Nafeez Ahmed _Nanice Ellis_Neil Dawe_Nikola Tesla_Noam Chomsky_Olafur Hauksson _Osho_Paul Hawken_Paul Levy_Peter Joseph_Peter Macfadyen_Pope Francis_President Franklin Roosevelt _Rabindranath Tagore _Rene Descartes _Russell Brand_Safa Motesharrei _Seyyed Hossein Nasr_Sigmund Fraud_Silas Titus _Simon Mitchell_Sir David Attenborough_Sir Isaac Newton_Sir Joshua Stamp_Skip Sanders _Steve Kent _Sting_Terrence Mckenna_The Dalai Lama _Thomas Berry_Tom McKay_Tyler Durden_Walter Bradford Cannon_Wendell Berry_William Derham_Yaneer Bar-Yam

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