Personal Actions to Detach from the System

7c. Personal Actions to Detach from the System

Below are actions you might take to help detach yourself:

  • spend time alone in nature
  • grow a garden and eat what it produces
  • make your own clothes, furniture and art and crafts
  • make love and compassion your default position rather than fear
  • explore altered states of consciousness and meditation
  • exist fully and consciously in the moment whenever you can
  • inform yourself about the real actions of government because they do not tell the truth
  • question the official narratives at every opportunity
  • spoil your vote
  • give yourself space to prioritise inner and outer realms equally
  • learn to detach from the ego, be honest, cool, kind and compassionate
  • minimise your personal carbon count (eg:
  • protest and resist things that you feel unhappy about
  • be aware of where you put and keep your money / energy
  • examine yourself and your actions closely for signs of the ‘wetiko mass mind virus’
  • avoid resources that have been imported where possible
  • use creativity, skill and work rather than technology and materials
  • design and make (above purchase) things for for durability and repairability
  • avoid all forms of fossil fuel use
  • avoid fast food outlets
  • avoid shopping at large, corporately controlled stores
  • turn off the channels of mass communication & create your own news stream and entertainment
  • divest from money, refuse to earn enough to pay taxes
  • limit your use of the money system to cash or debit card, avoid using credit and don’t borrow money
  • examine your life and consider more co-operative ways of living
  • produce food in your house (eg sprouting seeds, nut milk, yoghurt, kefir etc)
  • reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and refuse when you can

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