Resistance Art 1

7h. Resistance art 1

1. Re-labelling: This product kills bees
With a long, cold winter in the UK this year, on top of a summer last year which was pretty hard on wildlife, bees are having a difficult time and populations are dropping severely. As if the Varroa Mite was not enough on top of this – some pesticides regularly used in the UK contain neonicotinoid, which is also proven to kill bees. Their populations across the UK are getting decimated, yet they are responsible for cross-pollinating at least a third of the plants from which us humans eat the produce. It is estimated, that without bees – human beings would die out within five years or so as there would be no cross pollination of plants. Added to that, all species on this planet have as much right to exist as we do. It is essential that humans stop destroying other species and cultures through their short-sighted greed.

In what can only be described as an utterly cynical marketing campaign, ASDA were selling bee-killing neonicotinoid pest sprays – but promoting their sale by giving away free packets of ‘bee friendly’ garden plant seeds. This annoyed me enough to produce some free sticker layouts to ‘correct’ this disinformative marketing ploy in ASDA and other shops and gardening centres that abandon responsibility to the environment in preference to profit.

Simply stick these stickers onto products in shops that kill bees, in order to inform other customers who might not realize that this is what they are doing by purchasing the product.

Bee stickers

Comments on stickers:

Roger says: “What a great idea!!

These stickers look friendly but at the same time they make people aware of the danger of pesticides. Really: great idea!!! Thanks!”

Erica says: “I love this. Thank you. I work at a garden center here in the US and should be able to easily covert these stickers on, with my back up verbal education – one gardener at a time.”

Gary says:Hi, Great idea indeed, we shared this on our social media channels and our readers thought so as well. We also mentioned this on our recent beekeeping podcast.”

Lorri says: “Excellent idea, Thank You.   I have reposted this to Facebook .”

Betsy says: “I blogged about this today and added links back to your article and stickers. Way to go! Love this idea!”

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