Simon’s Simples: Wild Foods

Wild Foods

There are literally hundreds of other wild foods, often with a medicinal or therapeutic value, available free from the countryside. Source a good book that gives you a guide specific to your locality. These are some of my personal favourites wild foods not already described in this book:

Primrose Coltsfoot
Comfrey Seaweed
Rock Samphire Echinacea
Mallow Oak leaf (wine)
Elderflowers and Elderberries Horseradish root
Burdock Chamomile
Wild Marjoram Marsh samphire
Caragheen Bilberry
Juniper berries Hops
Crab apples Quinces
Sloes (gin) Wild Roses
Horse Chestnuts Beech nuts
Summer Truffle Wild Parsnip
A variety of edible nuts Mushrooms (ID essential)