Simon’s Simples: Thirty Ways to avoid Modern Disease

Thirty Ways to avoid Modern Disease

These are kind of ‘antisimples’! Not only do we need to ‘do the right things’ to claim health for ourselves, we need to ‘not do the wrong things’ also – if you see what I mean. Your house probably already contains many toxins so you will need to go though your stuff to eliminate it. When I was young the cancer rates were one in five of the population. Now they are closer to half. Big pharma may boast about survival rates for cancer but they have a vested interest in your disease. Each cancer patient is worth around $10000 to them.

There are many ways we can avoid disease and dysfunction. Unfortunately conditions in our culture often seem conjoined to increase stress on our bodies and minds and open us to illness.

There are vast amounts of money generated by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries catering to this need. It is worrying that it is often the same chemical companies putting toxins into our food, our water and our environment, that sell us the alleged ‘cures’ after we become poisoned. This is a serious monopoly on our health. In resorting to illness or disease we are often being systematically ‘harvested’ for the profits we can generate for these industries.

One way out of this rat-trap is a careful choice of what we consume and that doesn’t just mean food, it means the TV, newspapers, radio and ‘celebrity consumer capitalism’ which imposes certain values that can close our minds to important alternatives. What follows are some powerful, food-based ingredients for a more natural way to manage health than waiting till we get ill and then giving away our sovereignty by going to a doctor for drugs or surgery.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not dissing the thousands of health workers and doctors who can be nothing short of brilliant. If I broke my arm I would not be going to a herbalist! Western Medicine has many strengths and is particularly well-focused on scientific diagnosis techniques. But there are many hundreds of intervention styles in the world with Western Medicine offering pretty much only drugs or surgery as treatment options.

So here’s my list of ‘anti-simples’, you may like to add to it:

  1. Obtain a pure source of foodstuffs. Get fresh, organic produce regularly by joining a vegetable box scheme, shopping at a farmers’ market, growing your own or adopting some wild food into your diet
  2. Eliminate plastic storage containers from your kitchen and do not buy or store food encased in plastic or cling film
  3. Try not to cook the life out of food. Eat more raw foods or at least steam vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower to maintain their integrity and nutritional value and drink the cooking water
  4. Eat widely from many sources for a balanced diet. Include nuts, herbs, lentils and fresh, organic, locally-grown produce
  5. Find some different ways to give yourself an occasional detox
  6. Think about and act on your health in a preventative way. Try out some alternative therapies to help you switch on a health sense. Very often students of alternative therapies need to try out their skills and this can give you the opportunity to try a treatment for free
  7. Test your bodies PH rating. The Western diet inclines out bodies towards an acid rating. Cancer loves sugar and readily available proteins in an acid environment. Quit taking sugar by substituting alternatives and eat foods that balance your PH
  8. Get rid of your microwave. Tests show 97% of flavonoids are lost in broccoli by microwaving. Microwaves destroy food integrity
  9. Do a toxin stock take on your household products and food sources. Throw away any chemicals you are persuaded to put into your environment or yourself by advertisers
  10. Make sure that your air and water supplies are as pure as possible
  11. Find out more about your immune system and how to support it in thought, word and deed
  12. Avoid known stressors such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, extreme conditions and so on
  13. Check your home and work for sources of harmful radiation such as Radon or wi-fi and phone radiation.
  14. Avoid using deodorants, moisturisers and sun-screens containing parabens
  15. Avoid factory-farmed products such as milk, meat, eggs, fish or cheese. Buy the better quality option less frequently and cook meals from raw materials rather than packets
  16. Avoid genetically modified food (GMO) and pesticide exposure
  17. Eat slowly and chew food properly. Enjoy eating as a special moment when you ingest new energy into your being. Sanctify your eating time
  18. Avoid vexatious media intrusions. Just because media thrive on a diet of drama, conflict and spectacle, it doesn’t mean we have to. Don’t ingest any TV along with your food and enjoy eating as a special time
  19. Adapt a lifestyle that is in tune with what is around you. Make time to enjoy life and do things that you love
  20. Get out into the countryside regularly. Find ways to take exercise in a healthy environment
  21. Carry out your own ‘genetic counselling’. Look for inherited genetic weaknesses in your physiology and act to compensate. Do this by constructing a family tree going back several generations and identify the major illnesses of your direct ancestors. This may well give you insights into your own genetic heritage. Take actions to compensate
  22. Think about your health at physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels
  23. Look out for ways to experience ‘healing moments’ in your everyday existence. This can be as simple as enjoying the stars at night time, listening to bird song or focusing your attention outside of yourself and into the moment
  24. Explore alternatives if you are prescribed medical drugs. All medical drugs have side effects
  25. Practice creative visualisation and other methods of positive thinking
  26. Find constructive outlets for negative energy. Transform your frustrations into something creative
  27. Do things that increase personal meaning in your life. Act on your beliefs and values
  28. Get a hair analysis done to see if you are missing any minerals in your diet
  29. Read the labels on food. Avoid trans fats in biscuits and cakes. Make your own – its fun! Involve children in this process if you can
  30. Do more things that make you laugh and have fun. Spend more time with people whose company you enjoy