Herbal DIY: Make your own greenhouse

The DIY Greenhouse

If you have cash to spare you can of course, just buy a greenhouse. You will find it a fantastic investment for growing your own. But there are also many ways to DIY. I have home-made, quite large greenhouses for as little as £30 but if you live in a built-up area you might not be popular with your neighbours if you make one of these. My favourite so far was based on a geodesic structure, a three metre wide icosahedron made of hazel sticks ‘liberated’ from hedgerows and polytunnel lining purchased over the internet.

image od growdome 1
my first growdome

More recently I built the one below using tannelised 2×1 timber and polytunnel lining cut to fit. It gives more than 15 cubic metres of protected growing space and extends my growing season considerably. Putting in a ‘crazy paving’ floor adds to the dome’s ability to passively store heat. Coriander, a herb I find quite hard to grow in the UK’s climate, absolutely loves it in there and I was cropping into October.

Home made greenhouse
Home-made greenhouse

To find out how I made this growdome for just £150, please visit: http://www.simonthescribe.com/books-from-simon-the-scribe/diy-food-growdome/