Herbal DIY: your herb kit

Herbal DIY: your herb kit

This is where you start your herb collection for first aid and remedies. Some of these herbs you might want to grow. There are several options for growing plants, even in a small space, coming up later in the publication. Some of these plants you can find in existing teas, even at the supermarket. Others you can collect from the wild or take pickings from friends and learn how to grow them on. Please make sure you have identified these plants accurately before using them.

tray of spices

A basic herb and spice kit might  include:

Aloe Vera (windowsill plant) Basil
Chamomile tea Cinnamon
Cloves Comfrey leaf
Coriander seeds Cumin seeds
Dandelion roots Dill
Elder flowers Fennel
Fenugreek seed Ginger
Lemon Balm Lime flowers
Mint Nettles
Oregano Parsley
Raspberry leaf Red Sage leaf
Rose hips Rosemary
Sage Tarragon
Thyme Turmeric


A few other useful items you can buy will complete your Natural First-aid Kit:

Bandages and plasters Calendula ointment
Cotton Wool Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy
Garlic oil capsules Lavender essential oil
Tea tree essential oil Lint
Peppermint essence Witch hazel