A New Human: A new species of Human?

As I have suggested in previous articles under the heading ‘A New Human’ – the evolution of mankind has now become a matter of consciousness – a matter of choice. I would like to propose here and register on this page, a new human species. I would like to introduce an official sub-species of human. We might call ourselves ‘Homo Eligere’. Those who make choices to live within the carrying capacity of the earth we inhabit and oppose the forces of exploitation that are destroying the life carrying capacity here on Earth. Man evolution image

There are  people doing this already, from ‘alternative culture’ people in the West who are choosing a more communal way of living to indigenous peoples, at least those who haven’t had their naturally evolved cultures destroyed by having consumerism shoved down their throats.

So what might these choices look like – to live on the earth in a sustainable way?

Why not take a test and find out? Give yourself a ‘mark out of 10’ for each question and add up the total. There are 33 questions so far so your score out of 330 will give you some idea of how far down the road you are to becoming ‘A New Human’.

Choices you could make might include:

  1. Are you a sovereign entity granting nobody automatic authority over your being?
  2. To what extent to you consciously participate in your own evolution?
  3. How much time do you spend working with nature?
  4. To what extent do you consume food that you grow individually or in cooperation with others?
  5. Do you make your own clothes, furniture and art and crafts?
  6. How much do you make love and compassion your default position as opposed to fear?
  7. Do you explore altered states of consciousness?
  8. Do you meditate or have a regular spiritual practice?
  9. To what extent do you exist fully and consciously in the moment?
  10. Do you inform yourself about the real actions of government?
  11. How much do you question the official narratives in conversation with others and within media?
  12. How much do you involve in developing real democracy in your social networks?
  13. How much do you prioritise your inner and outer realms equally?
  14. Do you practice detaching from the ego, being honest, cool, kind and compassionate?
  15. How much do you minimise your personal carbon count (eg: http://footprint.wwf.org.uk/ )?
  16. Do you protest and resist things that you feel unhappy about?
  17. How aware are you of the effects of where you put and keep your money / energy?
  18. Have you examined yourself and your actions closely for signs of the ‘wetiko mass mind virus’ [see more about this here: https://www.simonthescribe.com/2020/02/17/wetiko/ ]?
  19. Do you avoiding using resources or goods that are imported?
  20. How much do you use creativity, skill and work rather than technology and materials?
  21. Are you designing and making (above purchasing) things for durability and repairability?
  22. Do you do your best to avoid and limit all forms of fossil fuel use?
  23. Do you avoid mass, fast-food outlets?
  24. To what extent are you eating a plant-based diet?
  25. Do you avoid shopping at large, corporately controlled stores?
  26. To what extent are you turning off channels of mass communication & creating your own news stream and entertainment?
  27. To what extent are you divesting from money?
  28. Are you limiting your use of the money system to cash or debit card and avoiding the use of credit
  29. Have you examined your life and fully considered more co-operative ways of living?
  30. How much are you producing live food where you live (e.g. sprouting seeds, nut milk, yoghurt, kefir etc.)?
  31. Are you reducing, reusing, recycling, repairing and refusing [to purchase] when you can?
  32. How involved are you in constructing and supporting local community networks and barter systems?
  33. How involved are you with town or parish councils or other local bodies in bringing forward ideas to grow community?

If you think I have missed questions, please get in touch and suggest them!