A New Human: Can you resign from the Human Race?

Several people have tried, including the famous comedian Spike Milligan, now unfortunately deceased (he was extremely funny and one of ‘The Goons’).

In this series of articles ‘A New Human’ I have been looking at this issue – the identity of humans and whether there is reason to nominate ‘another species’ in existence – a species who want life to continue here on planet Earth.

However idealistic you think it is, registering another human species doesn’t really offer a legal challenge to banning protest. They (the system) will simply say “well you are still human aren’t you” – and therefore subject to our laws.

The majority of humans seem in denial about the severe impacts of climate change and just continue ‘life as normal’, seemingly blind to the consequences of their actions.  The governments refuse to act urgently and talk about ‘illegal protests’, bringing in legislation to imprison people who protest about the desecration of our planet. This isn’t democracy, it is totalitarianism.

unIdentity card - a new human
UnIdentity Card front

As I have claimed in an earlier article in this series – evolution of humans is now a matter of consciousness – and therefore choice. What if one legally decided to divorce from The Human Race? To unbecome Homo Sapiens as a matter of choice? Your status then in a legal capacity would be that of Alien. Alien to the planet you live on and also the ‘humans’ responsible for its destruction. A world citizen, a being of sovereignty perhaps.

Is this a realistic challenge to Draconian laws that make protest, a cornerstone of democracy, into something illegal? Think of the End of Slavery or the Women’s Suffrage Movement which both emerged from protest.

UnIdentity Card 2
UnIdentity Card Back

So I have designed, purely for my own amusement it seems, an ‘UnIdentity Card’, protesting the savage perversion of legislation that puts people in prison for protesting the destruction of the planet they live on. What do you think?