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The Valley1:Fintan's Tale
The Valley 1:Fintan’s Tale

A tale from ancient Cornwall, UK by simonthescribe. The Valley 1: Fintan’s Tale is the first part of an historical fiction based around the ancient ‘Michael and Mary’ energy lines in Cornwall. Two-thousand years ago young Fintan, a tanner’s boy, is given a gift by a passing stranger. This strange flower gives him the ability to heal through the manipulation of energy. He works as a herbalist for the lord of a gold route and is pursued by a witch who wants what he has. The first part of an exciting trilogy set in the River Fowey Valley in Cornwall UK.


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Book Cover Image of Parliament must Die
Parliament Must Die from simonthescribe

Parliament Must Die is a free online book from simonthescribe. We are in a race against time, against exponentially increasing inequalities, dire ecological collapse and mass species extinction. Governments around the world are in denial and fail to act. The very actions they need to take to make the necessary changes for our continued survival are in opposition to their addictions to capitalism and corporate control. It is time for awake people to take back control over their own lives and reclaim sovereignty for themselves before their freedom is stolen.


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cover image for Create
Create by simonthescribe

Create by simonthescribe: Creative thinking allows us to transform threats into opportunities, potential failure into victory and negativity into positive hope. It gives us the edge in facing change. It helps us see resources where others are blind. Creative thinking is highly useful because is at the heart of effective problem solving.

Claim your super-power to create right here:


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cover for DIY growdome
The DIY Growdome by simonthescribe

The DIY GrowDome by simonthescribe. For someone who wants whole food and enjoys the contact with nature that this gives, a growing greenhouse is essential given the weather in the UK. This 50 page book charts a journey into making my own perfect greenhouse / growdome ( a two-frequency, hemispherical icosahedron ) with full instructions on how to make one for yourself. My growdome, pictured on the ebook cover opposite, is into its seventh year of providing me with delicious food, fresh from the garden. You will find instructions on how to make three different grow domes, plus the model domes you need as a 3D plan for each, also some background on the famous Buckminster Fuller who invented geodesics.

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ccover image for Lost in the Woods
Lost in the Woods by simonthescribe

The Adventure of Arthur – Lost in the Woods by simonthescribe. An illustrated children’s story for re-wilding your child. Arthur gets lost in a wood and is guided in a vision quest by woodland animals. He sees how mankind has become separated from nature in this ‘green adventure’ and becomes resolved to do something about it.

This story is inspired by a walk that was built into Haldon Woods near Exeter in the UK, which became so popular it was literally worn away. Called ‘Beginner’s Way’, the author helped to build the walk in the 1980’s with grants from The Art’s Council and other sources. The book contains hand-drawn images of Arthur’s Adventure along with the accompanying story. Ideal for younger readers who like a nature story! FREE DOWNLOAD!

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cover image for Earthkeepers
Earthkeeper by simonthescribe

EarthKeeper by simonthescribe. Following on from ‘Lost in the Woods‘ above. Arthur shut the garden gate behind him and set off to the strange copse of trees he had seen a few fields away. Even from the upstairs window of his Auntie’s house there was something about the wood that didn’t seem right. It had a sense of age to it, as if the wood were so ancient it had been there before time started. Join Arthur in his second adventure where he travels to the land of the Great Oak and is given a mission…

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cover for First Adventures in Loom Knitting
First Adventures in Loom Knitting from simonthescribe

First Adventures in Loom Knitting by simonthescribe. I would never have guessed that I was going to produce a book on knitting, but after discovering looms and being given a pile of assorted wool, well, it just kinda happened. Over a few years I have loom knitted just whatever took my fancy. I have made all sorts of useful, interesting, idiotic and amusing knitted items. I want to share with you here my creative and fun journey into a blokes first ‘loomings’…

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a dance move randomiser
a dance move randomiser in your head

How to Cheat at Salsa by simonthescribe: After clubs, courses, weekend residentials, even a dance course with Folklorico Cutumba in Cuba, my question became: How do I lead an endlessly diverse salsa dance, with a partner, which is responsive to the music, without depending on repetitive sequences? In this ebook I share with you my answer to this problem – a ‘system’ for leading a dance without relying on repetitive, pre-learned sequences. FREE DOWNLOAD – because I want you to dance.

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wild food blog
wild-medicine and nutrition

Simon’s Simples – wild food and nutrition. Self-medication from the wild is not a ‘rational choice’ made by other animal species on this planet. It is a carefully integrated part of a survival mechanism against an invisible predator – disease.

Humans seem to have lost this sense of their own health and are often uninformed as to the uses of plants growing around them. Simon’s Simples provides all sorts of wild suggestions!

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course on self rewilding
20 missions to re-wild yourself

20 Missions to Re-Wild. ‘Re-wilding’ has become something of a catch phrase concerning our fate on the earth. It involves not just bringing more nature to the earth, like re-foresting, but also a conscious decision to make a place and a time for our own interactions with nature.

We need to not just re-wild the land – we must also re-wild ourselves to become once more a part of nature. Here are 20 missions for you to do just this.

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