First Adventures in Loom Knitting

cover for First Adventures in Loom Knitting
First Adventures in Loom Knitting by simonthescribe
image of flower tapestry
a loom based flower tapestry on an upcycled wheelchair part

I would never have guessed that I was going to create a book on knitting, but after discovering looms and being given a pile of assorted wool, well, it just kind of happened. That’s being a creator for you – enjoying the finding of a new skill!

Over a couple of years I have loom-knitted just whatever took my fancy just for fun and I want to share with you here my creative journey into a bloke’s ‘looming’ hobby, using mainly round looms and flower looms.

People have been critical about this book because it doesn’t have knitting patterns. To me this is good news! Its because there are only 2 basic weaves used in ‘First Adventures in Loom Knitting‘ and all of the information you need is given with each project.

Other loom knitting books take a step-by-step approach with ‘knitting patterns’, using over-complex stitches more suited to knitting needles, that ignore the sheer speed of looming with basic weaves. I found one big advantage with loom knitting is its speed in making simple items and fun objects. This is what you will find in ‘First Adventures in Loom Knitting’. Easy Peasy looming projects that are fast and fun. No patterns!

image of Princess Leia's headphones
Princess Leia’s headphones

‘First Adventures in Loom Knitting’  builds on basic skills with these easy weaves, moving progressively, for example from basic beanie type hats to segmented hat weaves.

First Adventures in Loom Knitting’ has humorous tales woven-in as to how each knitted object came about and over 80 photos and illustrations showing the projects. Instructions on loom types, wool, weaves, row numbers and assembly are given in the text where appropriate. With easy weaves, I show you how to make 24 unusual and unique, woven objects and gifts such as:

  • drumstick bags for the absent-minded drummer
  • Princess Leia’s headphones
  • a woolly Ring-tail Lemur tail
  • indestructible live-in socks for toasty winter toes
  • legwarmers / bicycle clips
  • a festival poncho bag that doubles as a sleeping pillow
  • beautiful ipad and phone bags
  • decorative loom wall hangings for house and garden
  • a shoulder-warming bolero for winters [I have been so thankful for this one!]
  • a cycling arm purse
  • acrylic garden dreamcatchers as plant climbers
  • a unique sleep-aid and snore-stopper
  • a small-change pocket purse
  • extra-long double-thick winter scarves
  • all sorts of wonderful woolly hats
image for scarf-hat
is it a scarf? Is it a hat?

In fact there is a whole section on hats which progresses the basic knitted Beanie hat into a whole range of fun headgear such as: ‘Benny’ hats, the dancing pompom hat, woolly flower hats, cake hats, burdock hats, segment hats, a Scrooge sleeping hat, and the amazing ‘scarf-hat’ pixie hat shown here!

This isn’t a book for people who depend on step-by-step instructions, the emphasis is on fun, play and adaptation. With just 2 easy weaves these projects are just too straightforward to need knitting patterns. The emphasis here is on growing your own looming skills quickly and playfully, with fun projects that progress and get you quick results (and the admiration of your friends and family).

Not only is it great fun making clothes and things for yourself, loom knitting is a craft made for sharing. The unique and easy projects in this book make fabulous gifts for people for Christmas, birthdays or just as random tokens of love and affection. This book is brimming with enthusiasm for making your own stuff and gifting fun objects which people just adore.

cover for First Adventures in Loom Knitting
First Adventures in Loom Knitting by simonthescribe

First Adventures in Loom Knitting’ is available in print from as an A5 paperback. Although the illustrations are in B&W – there is a link to a free, downloadable full-colour version in the book. First Adventures in Loom Knitting: Buy in Paperback from – £6.99 plus postage

Coming Soon for digital readers: ‘First Adventures in Loom Knitting’ –

Book Specifications:

  • Title: First Adventures in Loom Knitting
  • Author: simonthescribe
  • Format: Paperback with colour cover
  • Print Length: 73 pages
  • Images: 90 colour photos and illustrations in blocks
  • Publisher: simonthescribe
  • Language: English

Reviews from Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a lovely little book,
4.0 out of 5 stars Read it for fun!
4.0 out of 5 stars Amusing