Herbal DIY: First Aid Kit

Welcome to your DIY Herbal First-Aid Kit

Herbal DIY First Aid Kit
Herbal DIY First Aid Kit

To create your own Herbal First Aid Kit you will need to stock your kitchen with a few items, get some seeds or cuttings and a place to grow plants, and procure a few spices from a trader. What could be easier to give yourself all sorts of advantages in increasing your capacity for health and wellbeing?

Health is not a steady state thing, eg, ‘you are well’ – do nothing / ‘you are ill’ – go to a doctor. It’s not like a switch changes and you are suddenly ill. Your body is a precision instrument and very responsive to what you put into it and the quality of environment in which it lives. It needs good management from day to day to keep healthy, especially in an environment which is now heavily polluted with chemicals and toxins – our Earth.

Herbs and spices along with the clever use of food can help you tune your already adaptive body to a maximum state of health, to keep your immunity high and help it adapt to changing circumstances, even dangers.

With herbs and spices, plants and flowers you can engage with a whole range of natural healing treatments which value prevention and adaptation over getting ill and having alleged ‘cures’ from your doctor. With many common dis-eases, a fast intervention is needed. With this ‘First Aid Kit’ you will have the means to respond to many of your common un-eases before they develop into something serious. You will also find these simple remedies may save you a fortune in pharmaceuticals from the chemical industries!

Feel free to add to the kit however you feel is right. The remedies listed in this book have all been tried and tested over a long period of time and are safe unless otherwise indicated. There are many other uses you will find for this collection as your skills as a home herbalist grow.

As usual if an illness or injury persists it is advised to consult an herbal practitioner or medical doctor as necessary. If you are currently taking prescribed medicines consult with your doctor before self-treating with herbal remedies as some of them may have contra-indications. This means that the products of nature may not mix with the mass-produced, artificial chemicals produced by pharmaceutical industries with a profit motive.

Herbal DIY First Aid Kit
Herbal DIY First Aid Kit

Below is the contents list, linked to all of the sections. Some of the items will already be in your kitchen, others in the garden, hedgerow or shop. This ‘kit’ can take any form you like – for me, its stuff I always like to have in a kitchen cupboard.

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