How to Cheat at Salsa


My shortcut to great dancing. Please take a look at my ‘system’ for leading a dance without relying on repetitive, pre-learned sequences.

how to cheat at salsa
the sea front at the Malecon in Havana, Cuba

After attending Mary’s dance class in Par (Cornwall) for a couple of years, I found that learning and dancing basic sequences was no longer satisfying. It was so frustrating wanting to learn salsa dance in remote and rural Cornwall and being a non-driver. I even created a piece of salsa music about this frustration, my ‘psychological wooden leg’, which you can hear on the link below whilst you read the rest of this page:

It seemed to me that a good dancer should respond to the music, integrating turns and moves with changes in the music. A sequence, even a series of sequences, although useful as a dance insert – quickly becomes boring, especially with a regular dance partner.

A good lead dancer has to respond to the music on the spot and needs to signal their dance intentions to their partner. As a lead dancer, the subtleties of this were hard to find in a Cornish dance class. I spent every penny I had on going to Cuba to get lessons. This trip confirmed that what I had been learning at Mary’s class was a form of ‘Cornish Salsa’. Although I must add I came to really value my weekly trip on the train to Par. I learned a lot and also met my long-term partner, Sarah at these lessons! Bless you Mary. x

I went to clubs, latin dance courses, weekend residentials, I even went to Cuba! My amazing dance teachers there,  Yodanke and Raquel did their best to make the puddin’ dance. OMG those Cubans can dance so beautifully, I think they learn the rhythms before they are even born! Following my course with Folklorico Cutumba in Cuba, my question became:

Yodanke and Raquel
Yodanke and Raquel with ‘the dancin’ puddin”

“How do I lead an endlessly diverse salsa dance, with a partner, which is responsive to the music, without depending wholly on repetitive sequences?”

In this ebook I share with you my own answer to this problem – a ‘system’ for leading any dance with named moves without relying on repetitive, pre-learned sequences.

So if you have a few moves, in any dance style with named moves, ( I just prefer Latin or ballroom dances), this ‘dance move randomiser’ will help you to string them together in diversity, and dance like the wind.

And because I love to dance [even if it is a bit like an English puddin’] and I want you to dance, I’m going to just give you this .pdf ebook for free. Just click the link below:

How to Cheat at Salsa from simonthescribe

a dance move randomiser
a dance move randomiser in your head