Simon’s Simples

Simon’s Simples, an introduction.

the green simon
The Green Simon

OK, here it goes. Man goes wild, runs away into the woods to see what he can eat and use to keep healthy. Comes back home to a kitchen and a garden, cooks and eats food.

Over the years I have grown many different plants which are useful to humans in various ways. I have also foraged widely and sourced my environment for plants and trees that might share themselves with me.

Simon’s Simples‘ is a record of my experiences with these plants and chronicles the learning that each one has provoked in me. The term ‘Simples’, popularised on TV in the UK as the broken-English catchphrase of a meerkat character, was traditionally used as a term for medicinal herbs and simple mixtures used to support health and wellness. Hence the title. Many of these traditional ‘simples’ disappeared when we burnt all those witches. But I want to tell you about them because I want you growing food and looking after the countryside!

Under current legislation I can be prosecuted for practising medicine without a licence if I am not a doctor and I suggest, for example, that you have an onion soup to help your cold. This is because big pharma seek to take away your sovereignty over your own body in order to profit from your dis-eases. So I have to include a rider here that says ‘the information contained within these pages is purely for the purpose of entertainment’. I must also add that of time of writing, people are repeatedly testing themselves for a disease that they don’t have, out of fear.

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Tansy Cakes

Aloe Vera

H. Pylori and the Missing Chewing Gum

Wild Watercress Soup

Nettle Soup

Rocket Pesto

Dandelion Root Coffee

Valerian Tincture


Blackberry Feast

Rowan Jelly

PIGNUTS (Conopodium Majus)

Hazelnut Delight

Rosemary Flower Candies

Edible Flowers

An Apple a Day

Strawberry Recipes

Yarrow Herb Tea

Other wild teas

Some other Wild Foods

What Your Body Needs

The French Paradox

Thirty Ways to avoid Modern Disease

The Wizard’s Power Foods and juicing


Epicurean eating

Convalescent Food

Super Immune Boosting Soup


Water, Water Everywhere

Food Sourcing