cover image for Earthkeepers
EarthKeeper by simonthescribe

The Second Adventure of Arthur.

image of the King Oak
EarthKeeper – The King Oak by simonthescribe

Following on from ‘Lost in the Woods – The Adventure of Arthur’ this illustrated, 8,500 word story is for a slightly older age group of nine to thirteen year olds.

In ‘EarthKeeper – The Second Adventure of Arthur’ the boy is selected for a magical task by the King Oak. He is to rescue plants at risk. He is given a key to a walled garden out of time and in another dimension, where he grows the plants he chooses, preserving them from planetary devastation.

The ‘Arthur Series’ of stories comes from a deep green place in the middle of the woods. The stories defy convention and seek to build a respect, knowledge and interaction with nature for young people. Get wild with simonthescribe.


You can order ‘EarthKeeper’ in black and white print from for: £5.99 plus postage

EarthKeeper is also available in colour for the Kindle Reader for: £4.57