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Wildfood Wizard by simonthescribe – Food and Foraging for Your Health

With properly sourced food, you can manage your health and that of your family and loved ones, effectively, cheaply and with fun outings. Forget mass-produced supermarket food – routinely emptied of nearly all of its useful nutrition – think again about the food you eat and start with WildFood Wizard by simonthescribe – its like a course in wild nutrition at ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’.

  • have you or your child got the ‘sniffles’ again? Gently manage their food intake to bring them back to optimum health
  • are you feeling run down and tired? Modify your meals to get yourself to a place of maximum nutrition, energy and personal power
  • are you, or someone you care for, recovering from a bout of something nasty? Get an insight into how to pack their food for minimum recovery time

WildFood Wizard gives you essential information on healing, power-packed food and herbs in time-proven treatments, that you simply integrate into everyday meals. You will discover the hidden secrets of food. With this book in your hands you will be able to:

  • use fast-first-aid from the kitchen for common complaints
  • find and use ancient wisdom from the hedgerows
  • discover free and nutritious food to source your remedies
  • enjoy secrets of self-medication with food that you can buy, grow or find

Armed with this knowledge you will find that food is extremely powerful in the day-to-day management of your health. With the secrets of food and its hidden powers you can do things like:

  • block pain
  • reduce inflammation
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase blood flow to the skin
  • regulate stomach acidity
  • stimulate digestion and circulation
  • stimulate the immune system
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Wildfood Wizard – Foraging for Health

Block some of the causes of dis-ease early on to prevent them turning into something nasty. With this integrated approach to home-health management through food, you will become like a wizard to your family and friends. WildFood Wizard is packed full of delicious food alchemy. Crammed full of recipes and remedies that put your kitchen at the heart of a healthy home, simonthescribe provides a guide to making your own food-based, health management system in your own kitchen.

Many harmful chemicals have found their way into our food as the pharmaceutical industries take over mass food production. But your body is a SELF HEALING MECHANISM! All you need to do is give it the right stuff and it will mostly heal itself and keep healthy.

But what is the RIGHT STUFF? With WildFood Wizard you will find out, and often avoid illness and the unpleasant side effects of chemical medicines altogether. Discover for yourself the awesome power of real food, the right food, for you, cooked up in the right way, at the right time. Many of these powerful and transformative foods are already slumbering in your kitchen. Go wake them up now with WildFood Wizard. It is time to Get Wise with your food.

If you are fed up with ‘the blues’ – lack of energy, feeling down, no focus – pep yourself right up with this book about the wisdom of food and its nutraceutical effects. WildFood Wizard isn’t ‘preachy’ – it contains really useful stuff on using herbs, wild or home grown plants, purchased or found.

This treasure of a book is crammed full of recipes and remedies. With over 200 pages and over 200 photos, the author provides a fabulous guide to how to collect and use your own food-based, natural first-aid kit and a wealth of information on the power of food in health management. For example you will:

  • identify the fifteen most beneficial healing herbs and how to grow and use them in traditional and time proven treatments
  • build and use your Natural First Aid Kit to treat over forty common complaints
  • find out the traditional uses of over 30 common plants that grow near you
  • enjoy delicious wild fruit and nut recipes featuring blackberries, strawberries, rowan berries, apples, pignuts and hazelnuts and others
  • discover for yourself what grows around you and what you can grow in even the smallest places

You can easily make these delicious and nutritious recipes and enjoy:

  • wild blackberry junket – a powerhouse of fersh vitamins
  • fresh, organic strawberry summer pudding fit for royalty
  • wild hazelnut truffles that are out of this world yummy
  • eating like a king or queen from the hedgerow

Discover the fun of farming edible plants from the wild, from your windowsill or garden with recipes such as:

  • breath freshening rosemary flower candies
  • purifying tansy cakes
  • digestif fennel bread
  • diuretic dandelion coffee
  • valerian sleeping draught and
  • ‘eye-opening’ yarrow and other wild teas

You will become wise in self-medication using the hidden powers of little known food sources like aloe vera, mastic gum, wild watercress, nettles, wild pestos and herb teas.

You will have fun with Epicurean Eating, WildFood Wizard  has a section on how to design and make truly scrumptious meals especially prepared to treat what ails you, your friends or your family. You will learn about basic nutrition, the ORAC scale and power foods that can render you super-immune to disease.

In WildFood Wizard  you can discover the language of neutraceutical food science with a glossary of over eighty terms used in ‘food parlance’, ancient and modern, for example: alkaloid, alphacarotene, alterative, anthocyanin, antioxidant, aromatic, bacteriacide, carminative, carotenoids, coumarin, diaphoretic, ethylene, flavonoid, free radical, glyconutrient, homeostasis, hypotensive, lycopene, meridian system, mutagens, mycorrhizal, parabens, phenols, phytonutrient, polysaccharide, psychotropic, quercitin, saponin, serotonin, styptic, vasodilatory.

Do you know what these are and how to use them to bask in health? You soon will! You will discover a whole new world of food waiting for you in WildFood Wizard.

Here’s what people have said:

image of Silvia Hartmann
Silvia Hartmann

“I’ve seen many books on herbs and healing, but they are usually long winded, overly complicated and frankly, sometimes just too ‘way out there’. simonthescribe’s fine collection of easy to prepare, and easy to use remedies for nutrition as well as for medicinal purposes is exactly what the holistic doctor ordered – information packed, precise, to the point, and most of all, really PRACTICAL for us 3rd millennium city dwellers!”

Silvia Hartmann, PhD, Director, Association For Meridian Energy Therapies, The AMT, United Kingdom

image of Nicola Quinn
Nicola Quinn

“I thoroughly enjoyed your book and would like to say how refreshingly straightforward and clear it was to understand and implement your suggestions. This book is a far cry from so many self-help manuals which refer to slightly exotic ingredients which one never has on hand and is a delight to use with very sound advice. I highly recommend it.”

Nicola Quinn, Author of “Life Without Panic Attacks”

image of Michael Cambell
Michael Cambell

‘WildFood Wizard‘ is a treasure trove of fascinating natural remedies for many modern ailments. Packed full of immediately useful ideas and information.”

Michael Campbell

image of Bob Collier
Bob Collier

.“Thank you, simonthescribe, for gathering up all your knowledge, expertise and wisdom and compiling it into this beautiful and fascinating treasure trove of valuable information.”

Bob Collier www.parental-intelligence.com

With WildFood Wizard you will become a health wizard in the kitchen, killing sniffles before they turn into colds, easing tummy upsets and headaches on the spot, helping convalescents recover much quicker. Your friends and family will be impressed at your food wisdom. Prepare to be amazed at how much you can do with the power of pure food.

WildFood Wizard is published by simonthescribe in both digital and print formats.

This book is available for download as a .mobi or .epub for £5: [coming soon]

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Wildfood Wizard – digital edition


You may also purchase it as a paperback from lulu.com for £9.99 plus postage on this link.

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Wildfood Wizard – paperback edition


You can also download a sample chapter ‘A Natural First Aid Kit’ for free, online by emailing the author simonthescribe at gmail.com with ‘A Natural First Aid Kit’ for free in the subject line:

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Each patient carries his own doctor inside them.
They come to us not finding that truth.
We are at our best when we give the doctor
who resides within each patient a chance to go to work”.
Albert Schweitzer