ReWild Yourself: 20 Missions

Nature Needs You: 20 Mission Challenge


nature needs you
Nature Needs You

Many people have become out of touch with nature on a daily basis. More than half of our population now live in cities where the presence of nature is severely diminished.

This lack of attention to the elements of earth that nurture humans is leading us to a dark place. ‘Re-wilding’ has become something of a catch phrase concerning our fate on the earth. It involves not just bringing more nature to the earth, like re-foresting, but also a conscious decision to make a place and a time for our own interactions with nature. We need to not just re-wild the land – we must also re-wild ourselves to become once more a part of nature.

THE RATIONALE: There are many reasons why this course is needed right now. A course focused on bringing people closer to nature addresses several important problems:

1. **Nature Deficit Disorder**: Many individuals, especially in urban areas, experience a disconnection from nature due to their lifestyle. This can lead to a range of mental and physical health issues. The course  provides strategies to integrate nature into daily life, improving well-being wherever you live.

2. **Environmental Awareness and Education**: A significant number of people are unaware of the impacts of their actions on the environment. By educating people about nature and environmental issues, the course fosters a greater sense of responsibility and encourages sustainable behaviors.

3. **Mental Health Issues**: Modern life can be stressful, and many people suffer from anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns. Spending time in nature has been shown to improve mood and reduce stress. This course offers guidance on how to use natural settings as a source of mental health support.

4. **Physical Health Improvement**: Encouraging outdoor activities promotes physical health through exercise. The course provides ideas for nature-based activities that increase physical fitness and overall health.

5. **Community and Social Connection**: Nature can be a great way to bring people together. Whether through community gardens, group hikes, or local clean-up initiatives, this course inspires readers to engage in social activities that can strengthen community bonds.

6. **Appreciation and Preservation of Natural Spaces**: By fostering a deeper appreciation for nature, the course motivates readers to take action in preserving and protecting natural spaces. This includes supporting conservation efforts, reducing personal ecological footprints, and advocating for environmental policies.

7. **Sustainable Living Practices**: Gives you practical advice on how to live more sustainably as a core component of the course, helping readers make eco-friendly choices in their daily lives.

8. **Intergenerational Learning and Bonding**: Nature-related activities provide opportunities for older and younger generations to learn from each other and bond over shared experiences, enriching family and community ties.

By addressing these problems, a book on bringing people closer to nature has a profound impact on individuals, communities, and the environment.

LEAVE IT TO GOVERNMENT? Our political masters have reasons for enforcing the false realities of ‘austerity’. If you think there is not enough to go around, you are going to compete for what is left. Increasing your contact with nature puts an end to this manipulative lie as nature can be utterly abundant, often generous and beneficent. All you have to do in return is care for it.

Unfortunately nature is turning fierce as we have taken it for granted for too long. Nature Needs You, right now to stop using it as a dumping-ground of pollution for self-centred activities.

watercolour by simonthescribe
‘stamens a plenty’ watercolour by simonthescribe

At a time when there is an increasing need for personal contact with nature it is becoming more-and-more difficult, due to the encroachment of industrial objectives. In cities and towns noise and air, light, water pollution and interpersonal communication devices move people even further away from nature.

For example, just 100 international companies are responsible for 70% of the fossil fuel pollution driving climate emergency, making anything we can do as individuals seem like tokenism. Even in the countryside it’s getting harder to find peace and quiet as farmers are forced into positions of land-exploitation to make money. The face of nature untouched by the hand of man is nearly gone.

But nature wants you back. Nature needs you. She wants you whole, not modified by the thousands of lies we tell ourselves in order to live in alleged ‘civilisation’ on the edge of collapse. She has gainfully employed simonthescribe to give you 21 ways to get more nature in your life – wherever you live.

20 Missions 1: Making Friends with Plants

20 Missions 1a: 20 Plant Friends

20 Missions 2: Make Tree Friends

20 Missions 3: Foraging

20 Missions 4: Wild Teas

20 Missions 5: Seasons, Moon and Tides

20 Missions 6: Elemental Activity

20 Missions 7: Walking in Nature

20 Missions 8: Making Your Own Medicine – Simples

20 Missions 9: Growing Your Own Food

20 Missions 9a: Buckminster Fuller and the Law of Precession

20 Missions 10: Tantra

20 Missions 11: Go Dancing

20 Missions 12: Physical work with Nature

20 Missions 13: Mythology / Astrology

20 Missions 15: Practising Wonder

Mission 16: Making Bread and Wine

20 Missions 17: Nature’s Alteratives

20 Missions 18: Being Pagan

20 Missions 19: Finding Wetiko

20 Missions 20: Earth verses Economics